Company Formation & Compliance

With its proximity to China and low tax regime, and good infrastructure, start a business or operate an office in Hong Kong brings definite benefits to most businesses. We advise and help our clients set-up and incorporate their businesses or organizations in various forms. Our Company Secretarial Services provide compliance support on regular or ad hoc basis which serve individual need.

Hong Kong Business Registration and Company Formation

Doing business in Hong Kong may simply start with taking a business registration and registered in form of sole proprietorship or partnership. Set up a private company is the most usual form of business doing business in Hong Kong.

Non-Hong Kong residents may incorporate a Hong Kong company. If you are not in Hong Kong or do not familiar with the incorporation procedures, you need professional helps to do so. You may pass necessary details to us and choose to:

  1. Set up a wholly new company by specifying your preferred company name. Then, we can start the registration process for you. In most cases, the company can be ready for use in about 1-2 days after filing the registration documents to the Companies Registry; or
  2. Purchase a ready-made shelf company by selecting a company from our lists of shelf companies. The company can be put in used quickly.

Offshore Incorporation

For various reasons such as confidentiality, lesser regulating encumbrances or wealth protection purposes, consider having your assets offshore or get business control by incorporating offshore. You need professional assistance in setup as well as maintaining the offshore company in proper and orderly way.

Corporate Compliance and Secretarial Services

Corporations/companies and incorporated businesses in Hong Kong are governed and regulated under Companies Ordinance. The shareholders and directors of a company must also observe and adhere to certain requirements, formalities and obligations in conducting business.

Non-compliance of these obligations may result in fines and penalties being imposed and/or render the validity of certain business decisions and actions be doubted.
The role of a Company Secretary is essential to the conducting of compliance works on governance, administration and management of a company including preparation, filing and maintaining of relevant constitutional and conducting of company meetings on important issues.

Other Incorporation and Compliance Services

Hong Kong laws support different kinds of business entity, structure and trust form, say, non-profit organization and trust or charitable entity. Of course, the setup processes, and regulatory and compliance requirements are different, and may be varied with time.

Overseas companies doing business in Hong Kong are also subject to certain compliance requirements.

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